Our Walking Tours have been cancelled for this year.


sold out june

When we decided to do a monthly walking tour we titled “Toil and Trade” we weren’t sure how much interest there would be.  But boy were we blown away by the immediate response.  In less than a day all the spots in our June 30 tour were filled. But as the day approached the weather turned against us, with high 80s forecast for Saturday the 30th.  We had some cancellations ahead of time but on the day of the tour only five people showed up.  We had cold water for all and stayed in the shade much of the time so everyone fared just fine.

Afterwards we realized that summer might not be the best time for walking tours because of the vagaries of weather — and maybe walking tours are not the best way to tell this story at all.  Those who have signed up for a future tour date will be notified this week and the link for reservations has been removed from this blog.

We want to thank everyone who expressed interest in the tour.  We are doing more research through the summer and will continue to post information we find interesting or important.  Meanwhile, keep cool everyone.

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