Community leaders meet to discuss Middle Passage Memorial.

On January 30th, more than a dozen community leaders came to a Warren Middle Passage Project meeting to discuss how we move forward in our efforts to memorialize those who died or were enslaved and to recognize the pivotal role African Americans played in the building of America.

After Sarah Weed and Pat Mues gave a brief overview of Warren’s role in the slave trade and the story of those enslaved within the town, folks broke up into small groups to brainstorm on how to make sure we get a good turnout for our community meeting later this year.

The consensus was educate, educate, educate people about our history.  Some of the people present had grown up and gone to school here and had never heard a word about slavery and Warren.  Some knew about Bristol, Newport and Providence but never thought Warren was connected.  And so, we will continue to present “Finding Phebe” whenever we can and hope that community groups will get in touch so we can find new venues within Warren.

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