Thank you East Providence.

We had a great turnout last night for “Finding Phebe” with an audience that showed their emotions throughout the presentation.  They also asked great questions and offered important information.  Jeff Howe, who has done extensive research on African Americans and Native Americans in Rhode Island, was in the audience and it was nice to hear his comments.  We also had discussions about identifying the African nations where specific people came from — in Warren we know only one for sure right now .  There was also a discussion about whether our black soldiers were in the Rhode Island Regiment.  We know two men died before the regiment was formed, another was definitely in it and will find the answer for the other three before our next presentation.

We always have posters up at the presentations giving people some basic information on the Rhode Island slave trade, the people who profited from it in Warren,  and the laws affecting people of color. Some people requested copies of the information.  It needs to be photographed and uploaded, so please come back tomorrow to see it. And thank you all for coming to “Finding Phebe.”

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